Best 11 for Year of the Horse

Though a little late this is our top 11 picks for the year of the Horse which just ended.

As always it was hard for me to get to 11 and Roy was having to pair down. I guess I just have higher standards than he does.

One surprising thing on my list was the lack of Main stream titles and the overwhelming number of image titles (7 on my top 11 list). Though as many of you know that is where the good stories are coming from.

So without further useless babble…

Eric’s Top 11 as always in no particular order

Morning glories: While I am falling behind this is still one of my all time favorite books. And as always I still do not know what is going on or where it is going but it is one hell of a ride.

East of West: Holy crap this is a great book. Post Apocalypse mixed with Mysticism and Old West. You can not get any better than this book about Death and his war against the other Horseman who just won’t leave him the hell alone. Any wonder this is also on Roy’s list.

Velvet: Set in modern times but with all the feel and action of a 60s spy drama except James Bond is a woman. It is do good and Epting’s art is so damn beautiful. Oh and Brubaker can write a good yarn as well.

Lazarus: I was a johnny come lately to this book. Only read it because the Austin Comic Ladies (Who meet here every 1st Sunday of the month) had Michael Lark down for a signing. He art has always been great but this may be his best work ever! Grey Rucka also writes what maybe his best work ever. Another post apoc book though this one seems to be a economic collapse. One of the few books where the hardcover is worth the extra money because of the extra stuff in it.

Alex & Ada: A personal tale of boy meets robot. Boy makes robot sentient. Boy falls in love…well you get the idea but it is so much more. A very fine look at falling in love with who a person is and not what they are. Maybe my second favorite Luna project.

Rat Queens: I can not say enough about this book. This one could have been the only thing on my list and it is still good enough to fill all 11 spots. A very funny fantasy book following an all female adventure group. They are the hardest fightin, drinking, partying, cussing group you will ever meet and it is so damn funny! It is worth checking out. One issue had me laughing so hard I turned red from no air. Really. Ask Mr Potter.

Dying & The Dead: It would not be a Eric top 11 if I did not squeeze in one single issue. Now everytime I have done this it has bit me in the ass. But this Hickman book was oversized so it was as big as 2 issues. A very compelling start to a new series and the art was fantastic. Not sure what all is happening or where it is going but Roy thinks they are Fae and I think they are angels. We will see if either of us are right.

Multiversity: My only main stream book on the list and it is a Grant Morrison book. Though you could also say this is several one shots with a common link. Either way I found most of them to be very entertaining and the feel he is going for in each is very different and very apparent. Some great artists working on the issues. And the best part is you do not need each piece so you can pick and chose which art you like and still get a good story.

Red Sonja: Gail Simone’s books continues to impress with it’s dark humor and no nonsense kick ass character. This fills a much need nitch that old Secret Six use to fill that the new one does not. (Old 6 is now back in Trade check it out!) She is writing some of her best stuff here on a character most people would not give a second look to and that is just too bad cause they are missing out.

Flash Gordon: Just wrapped up by Jeff Parker. He captured the feel of swashbucklely Flash Gordon will still being able to modernize it. The art was good and the stories very fun. The follow up series, not by Parker, is sadly just not as good.

Olympians: This graphic novel series makes my list a lot. It is a great book for anyone with even just a passing interest in the old Greek Myths. The art is good and the story telling of the myths solid. They each focus on a different god and stories associated with that god. There are seven out with another 5 coming.

And now for the democratic response…

Alex + Ada: Great love story and great robot story. Fantastic pacing and use of silence.

Manifest Destiny: It started out strong and has kept up in quality. Lewis and Clarke go on there mission to map the new land. But what they are really there to try to understand all the supernatural threats that come with the new territory.

East of West: The three horsemen vs the fourth, across a fractured old west/cyberpunk future version of the United States. A damn fine book.

Saga: I always try to give a quick synopsis. But shit people, just read Saga.

Wild’s End:
Anthropomorphic turn of the century England gets invaded from beyond. Focuses on a small village. Great characters, humor, and fright!

Red Sonja: Gail Simone’s black humor is a perfect fit. By Crom and Mitra, let her run be long.

Lazurus: Rucka and Lark continue to weave one of the best dystopian sci-fi tales I have ever read. We learn more of the politics in this recent art. Now you may want to sit down, because I will admit that I like this book more than Saga. But if it makes you feel any better, the way Lazurus organizes it’s back matter is confusing, idiotic, and too cute by half. Go take some classes on layout, you stupid bastard. (Yes I hate it that much. Good news is whoever compiles the backmatter for the HCs actually went to school.)

Velvet: Brubaker and Epting omigod. If you like cold war spy vs spy tales with a dirty, gritty edge then this book is for you.It gives Lazurus a run for it’s money for which comic I read last that week.

Manhattan Projects: Still the only comic that makes me laugh out loud every issue. It is satire and mad science and sacred wisdom. Not for everyone.

Wonder Woman: Azzarello’s WW started strong and ended strong. This was one of the few of the new 52 that the changes actually rocked. Chang’s art is a perfect fit, too.

Sinestro: When not being interrupted by ill conceived and ill executed crossovers, this is a damn solid book. When Eaglesham doesn’t make it, the fill in artist have been just as good. A great space yarn focusing on a villain just trying to bring a little order to the universe.

(Honorable mentions to Miracleman(it’s not new), Multiversity, and Jupiter’s Legacy.)

I hope the year of the Goat treats you well. Now I am gonna take this Horse out to the back and shoot him.


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  1. JD Aguirre

    Great list. I have really been digging Multiversity; I like the anthology feel of the series. You guys know your stuff when it comes to the best books to read. I have never been disappointed with any recommendation any of you have made. Tribe Comics & Games is THE best comics and games store in Austin. Period.
    Just one man’s humble opinion…


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