Best 11 for Year of the Monkey!

So here we are another year has gone by. So we are posting our Best 11 comics for the Year of the Monkey.

Eric’s List

So I have 6 old returning favorites and 5 new. As always these are really in no particular order.

1. Darth Vader – This series stayed great all the way up to the final issue. I am sad that I will not have these great book to read over the next year but it is one hell of a ride. If you have not checked it out it is simply the best Star Wars book out and one of the best comics out.

2. Velvet – Another series that ended this year. The spy thriller reads so much better in trade and the art is amazing. YOU will love this book or I will give you your money back.

3. Sunstone – Also ended this year but what a great ride. And hope for side or sequel series in the future. If you like romantic comedies this book is for you. It is sweet, funny, and tender. The art is wonderful and the dialogue is great. I never thought this would be one of my books but it is.

4. Lazarus – Thank god this book is not over. Like the above comics the quality of both writing and art are top of the line. Also something else that you should be reading if you are not already. A lot of people trade wait this one and I can understand why but either way you want to read it just read it.

5. East of West – This book is amazing but if you have not started it you should trade wait it. Sometimes it takes a while for issues to come out and they flow and read so quick that you are stuck waiting a long time for the next. At least with a trade the ride lasts a little longer.

6. The last of the returning titles – Olympians – I am a sucker for Greek Myths. I have always been one. These snap shots of each of the 12 Olympians is very approachable for new readers and still very engrossing if you are a long time myth reader. There is a little bit of back matter in each issue that make this perfect for kids to read or be read to.

7. Superman – Of all the DC rebirths only 2 have really grabbed me and this is one of them. I have long been a Peter Tomasi fan and he continues to be great here. He understands what is great about this character and still finds new ground to cover. If you have never read Kal-El before you are missing out. There is a reason he has been in constant print for 79 years!

8. Wonder Woman – The other DC rebirth book I love. Another Greg Rucka book as well. My one complaint is the back and forth of the past and present story but in trade they will be separate stories. He had an earlier run of WW before the new 52 that was excellent and I was not sure he could find new ground to cover. He does indeed find new ground and every issue is pure joy to read.

9. Future Quest – A dc title that teams up all the Hanna Barbara Cartoons I loved as a child. Jeff Parker has a firm grip on all these characters. Plus who does not want to see Bird Man Fighting along side Space Ghost or the Herculoids!

10. Black Widow – the only Super Hero Marvel title on the list. The art is solid the writing great. But the thing I love most about this book is the thing, at first, I was dubious about. Black Widow never has any internal dialogue. You never see anything that is going on in her head. It gives the book a very interesting tension and a level of surprise one would not expect.

11. Warren Ellis’s Jame Bond – Of the 3 bond comics out right now his is by far the best. This is the best Bond I have seen in quite a while. The movie franchise should hire Ellis to write their next one! His run is that good!

So there are mine and here are Roy’s

The year started with the logical conclusion of dating a narcissist. The year ended with the country electing a narcissist as President. Here are my top eleven comics for the year of the narcissist. (In no particular order)

1. Superman- One of the few mainstream books that I consistently enjoy.

2. Black Hammer- A group of heroes is stranded after fighting a cosmic threat. They are trapped in a small town that they cannot leave. Really good stuff.

3. Black Monday Murders- As any fan of the Syndicate mages in the old White Wolf rpg knows, the oldest and most powerful form of magick is money. Only a few issues in this series has really impressed me.

4. Lazarus- A dystopian future with corporate feudalism, vat-grown commandos, and deadly politics. Read it.

5. James Bond by Ellis- Though it started out slow, I am glad I stuck it out after the first two issues. Great cloak and dagger.

6. East of West- The biblical apocalyptic ride into the cyberpunk old west continues.

7. Clean Room- A great horror comic. What if one of those self-help cult leaders/gurus was really trying to save humanity from…..demons? aliens? We still don’t know. Wonderful read and wonderful art.

8. Darth Vader- The best Star Wars book to come out from the new wave, though Lando was close. But Lando had neither Larroca or Aphra!

9. Future Quest- A really fun book with all the old Hanna Barbara characters facing a crisis.

10. Providence- A great homage to the Cthulhu mythos and a really disturbing read.

11. The Hunt- A great horror book dealing with faeries.

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