Top 11 for the Year of the Sheep

As always here are our top 11 for the Chinese year ending: Year of the Sheep.


1. Darth Vader Great art and great story. The best Star Wars comic ever!

2. Lando This limited series gives Vader a run for it’s money. Dark and moody.

3. East of West The biblical cyberpunk western keeps up the quality.

4. Lazarus This one just keeps getting better and better. A world where most humans are just waste ruled over by the corporate elite-in other words the future.

5. Nameless Explore the dark side of Kabbalah in this violent and disturbing tale.

6. The Prez Hilarious satire. Every issue is full of laugh out loud moments. Why vote for boring politicians when you can vote for Corn Dog Girl?

7. Starve If you prefer your satire more dark and your humor gallows, this over the top satire is for you. Themes of the haves vs the have-nots, through the lens of a hyperviolent cooking game-show.

8.Velvet A great spy story set near the end of the Cold War.

9. Rebels Short tales set in the American revolutionary war. Really good stuff.

10. Injection. A think-tank takes on some entity injecting itself in our reality. Magic, horror, and theoretical physics.

11. Project Superpowers: Black Cross I have always liked the idea of Project Superpowers, but I have never cared for the execution. This limited series is a very unique take on it.

Eric’s in no particular order save Lazarus

1. Lazarus. I echo Roy’s sentiments about this book and it is my absolute favorite from this year. You will find no better story right now in comics

2. Darth Vader. Roy is right it is a good Star Wars comic but it is also just a great comic in its own right. The art is amazing and they capture the feel of the character perfectly.

3. Sunstone. Also from image. This is a direct to trade book about two lesbians, who are into bdsm, falling in love. The concept was enough to turn me off but one of our married couple customers told me to check it out they thought it was great. They have not lead me wrong before and they did not this time. It is an amazingly sweet love story. If you like romance at all you will love this comic. And if you are like me and just want great art and great dialogue this is your book.

4. Olympians. Another direct to trade series and another year on my list. This is such a great book and a fantastic introduction to anyone interested in the Greek Gods.

5.East of West. WOW this book continues to be great and it feels like it is building to one hell of a conclusion.

6. Velvet. AMAZING ART! Great writing and who does not want to see bad ass older woman James Bond. There is nothing wrong with this book.

7. Archie. the relaunch has been very good. It is a very sweet all ages book with a great modern twist. Plus the essays in the back by Waid on Archie as a historical character are great.

8. Bizarro. A Dc mini about said character and Jimmy Olsen traveling around America. It was very funny light hearted book. Nothing too serious. Now out in Trade.

9. Dying and the Dead. Another Hickman book that had 3 issues last year and is on hold till later this year. The story is compelling and the mystery draws you in.

10. Alex and Ada. Finished up this year. What a great story that explores what it is to be human. Now all out in trade.

11. Copperhead. Scifi/oldwest story of a woman taking over the job of Sheriff on a frontier world. It has great characters and a really interesting back story.

So there you have it. Our top 11 for the year of the Sheep. This year, starting on Monday, is Red fire Monkey and that just sounds like a year of burning away the bad and only leaving the good. Maybe DC will redeem itself this year. I have no hope for marvel. (eric)

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